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18th December 2012

4:13am: OOC Contact Post.

AIM: xTechnoirx | MSN/Email:

Feel free to send an IM/PM, or comment here if you'd like to talk.

17th December 2012

3:34am: Biography.
These truths the Maker has revealed to me: )

16th December 2012

3:43pm: Patterns Within Form (aka, that one meme)

15th December 2012

2:08am: All things in this world are finite. (Timeline.)
This is super overdue, but here we go.

O Creator, see me kneel: For I walk only where You would bid me; [Timeline] )

14th December 2012

11:29pm: The Thearre Family Tree
There, He dwelled, waiting to see the wonders His children would create. )

13th December 2012

4:38am: In The Absence Of Light, Shadows Thrive: A Darkspawn Lore Reference.
(Posting this to my actual journal so it's easier for everyone to find.)

Here is my lore contribution for the game! I was telling a few people about the description of Darkspawn in the prequel novels by David Gaider, and how we miss a lot of info about them because it's hard to portray in the game. Things like smells, feelings, and other small details, were lost in the game.

So! I took it upon myself to sift through the prequel novels and write down various descriptions about Darkspawn and their effects, as a reference for people that may not own the books. I hope they'll be useful!

Darkspawn. )

Sensing Darkspawn. )

~*~THE TAINT~*~ )

Corruption. )
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